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Maine Deck Bracket Company Frequently Asked Questions

How many Maine Deck Brackets do I need ?

It depends on the load. Maine Deck Brackets have been tested the results can be viewed here.

Typically, we recommend installing Maine Deck Brackets 6 - 8 feet on center, with a Maximum spacing of 8 feet.

Each situation is different, so consult your builder, or send us Email, and we will gladly help.
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How should Maine Deck Brackets be fastened ?

Use one half inch diameter bolts. Carriage bolts should be used where possible.
Otherwise, use lag bolts that are penetrating into at least six (6) inches (150 cm) of SOLID wood.
Be sure to use washers.
DO NOT merely screw to siding, as this will lead to catastrophic failure, and possible injury or death
Concerned about the using new PT Lumber with the bracket?

There has been concern about PT wood on the Maine Deck Bracket being made of aluminum.  The problem is the copper content in the treating process and the reaction between dissimilar metals.  It has been recommended by both the treating people we talked to and the aluminum manufactures is to simply staple felt paper, poly, or other material that would not allow direct contact with the wood, to the wood where the Bracket contact point would be before installing.  This should eliminate any problems with he use of the Maine Deck Bracket and Treated lumber.

Will the brackets or screws rust ?

Maine Deck Brackets are made of a highly corrosion resistant, tempered aluminum alloy, and will not rust.
Galvanized bolts have been used successfully, with no reports of significant corrosion after ten years,

Can I buy Maine Deck Brackets Online ?

Sure you can! Just click on the link below
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