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Product application details:

Our Products provide a  Revolutionary method of attaching Decks, Stairs, Signs and other appendages to buildings. Both the Bracket AND the attachment system methods are patented.

Step 1
The sheithing is cut out to expose the box sill.
Step 2
The Maine Deck Bracket is bolted to the sill With 1/2" bolts,washers on the inside.
step 3
A small slot is cut in the siding for the web of the bracket to go through.
step 4
The slot is small so as to leave no significant entry point for water or insects.
step 5
The slot is then caulked with silicone, caulking , sealing out moisture and insects.
step 5
The Maine Deck Brackets make a nice neat job on the building.  
step 6
The brackets are ready to receive the deck framing.
step 7
The double ledger is used so that you can span the distance between brackets safely.
step 8
The deck is now framed and ready to cover.
1 1/2" spacing between decking and siding is recomended for an air space.
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